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(It's bee a whole year already since I made this account?


I can't believe how fast it came.


Boy, time really does fly doesn't it?




It's awesome. XD.


Well.. Bye. XD. -rolls away like a boss- XD.)


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Miles "Tails" Prower
United States
Hello! My name's Tails and I'm a 4 year old fox with two-tails and Sonic's little brother and best friend in the world! I'm very smart for my age and kind of shy..

Friends I will care forever for:

:iconaskclassicknuckles: Mah very best friend. ^^.

:iconasktails-doll: Turned me into a doll and likes me?














:iconask-segasonic-touko: She's really nice and cool!

Sonic DA Family:

M. Sonic: :iconxxmodern-sonicxx: my future older brother.. Love him..

:iconasksa2bsonic: My brother a few years later. He's so nice and protective of me..

:icontruebluehero: ANOTHER big brother. ^^ He's so nice and protective of me.. I love him.

:iconaskthelegendaryblur: I have so many older brothers.. O.o But he's super cool. ^^

C. Sonic: :iconxxclassic-sonicxx: my big brother.. Love him.

:iconask-classic-sonic: Another big brother! It's way past cool! ^^

M. Tails: :iconask-modern-tails: my older-self

My OTHER older EXE-self: :iconasktails-exe: such a nice Exe older-self he is.

Another older-me? :iconask-tails: Yep, another older-me. They're awesome.

OMG, again older-me. :icontailsrulez72: They're awesome friend and draw awesome pictures!

Another Older-me: :iconaskmilestailsprower: Wow... Another, Older-me. Awesome!

ANOTHER Older-me: :iconask-tailsthedarker: Another Older-me. That tried to kill me. >.<

C. Tails: :iconask-classic-tails: ME! Ain't I cute?

Knuckles: :iconask-knux: Oh my God, it's Knuckles! He's cool.

Classic Knuckles: :iconaskclassicknuckles: One of my very best friends. ^^.


Shadow: :iconaskprojectshadow: It's Shadow everyone!

OMG, another Shadow! :iconblack-hearted-hero: ^^








C. Amy: :iconaskclassicamyrose: It's Amy! Well.. the C. one. XD.

Sally: :iconasksally-exe: It's Aunt Sally! She became an Exe, but she's still my Aunt Sally to me.

Another Aunt Sally: :iconcuteprincessgirl: Yep, another Aunt Sally. She's cool and awesome.

Tails-Doll: :icontails-doll-forever: A doll of me... But nice one..

Well, I gotta go.. I gotta see what Sonic's up to! Bye!

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NayuSiminova Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Annie: Merry Christmas. ^^
"Merry Christmas to you too."
RubyHalogenknight Nov 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Hello Tails!
Just wondering, how can you twist your tails to fly without hurting yourself? :o
(moved account from :icondomokungirl:, I matured a bit ^^)

(Ah, hello there! ^^.)


"Well, when I first use to twist my namesakes like that, they hurt terriblely, not it doesn't hurt 'since I'm use to it."

RubyHalogenknight Nov 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist

Cool!...I just read it true?
Sonic exe legend     D:    is it....a real thing for you?....

(^^. How are you?)


"Well, I dunno. I never seen Sonic.Exe before.."

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JamesTechno998 Oct 10, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Happy Birthday dude ^^
Happy Birthday, Tails! :cake: :hug:
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